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Maintenance Request

If something needs attention at your property you have come to the right place. For non-urgent maintenance, please complete the form below and we will arrange maintenance!

Non-Urgent Maintenance examples are: extractor fan not working, dripping tap, dishwasher not working, heat pump not working (unless this is the only source of heating in the property). You can help by checking if your fuse box has tripped in the first instance, prior to contacting us.

For an EMERGENCY maintenance request please call 027 525 7229.

Examples of Emergency Maintenance situations are:

1- Life, Health and well being are in danger (please also be proactive with calling the emergency services if necessary)

2- Loss of essential services (Electricity/Water/Hot Water/Septic Services)

3- Structural Issues that may threaten you living in the property

Please note, tenants who lock themselves out of their house during After Hours will need to arrange a locksmith themselves.

You can help by turning the power off at the mains or turning the water off at the mains if these situations do occur.

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