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  • 2018/2019 - Market Share By Zone - Upper South Island
  • 2018/2019 - Property Management Office - Small
  • 2017 - Market Share By Zone - Upper South Island
  • 2016 - Market Share By Zone - Upper South Island
  • 2015 - Market Share By Zone - Upper South Island
  • 2013 - Growth In Market Share - Joint Winners
  • 2014 - Market Share By Zone - Upper South Island

If you want to know about the property market then look no further! Billy has lived in Golden Bay for 30 years, and her passion for this area is second only to her passion for real estate.

Level 1, 11 Buxton Lane, Takaka, 7110
Phone: 03 525 7219

In her desire to demonstrate that real estate can be bought and sold, with transparency and honesty, Billy started up her own Ray White office in Takaka in 2010. Since then she has listed and sold hundreds of properties and built a strong team around her. This has ensured that, as her business has grown, the level of service has also grown. Many clients have become good friends, referral and repeat business are a mainstay and Billy commands a very strong presence in the marketplace.

The market is continually changing and Billy puts much of her success down to her willingness to adapt, and to continue to learn. All members of the team at Ray White Golden Bay continue their professional development and Billy is especially proud of Jenna Bowden, who now runs the super busy Property Management sector of the business.

Regardless of whether you are thinking of buying, selling, letting or renting, contact Billy for confidential professional advice. She will be happy to help, and you will find out why, when it comes to service, she and her team continually score 10/10 from their clients and customers.

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